Piper Malibu – Paint Correction and Opti Coat Pro Plus

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What sets Aviana apart from other aircraft detailing companies? Paint Correction. Generally, when you pay for aircraft polishing, you get something very different than what we quote. Polishing is a loosely thrown around term, so lets start by defining it. To some, polishing is the mere act of applying wax, to others, it is the machine application of some sort of product.


We define polishing as a light paint correction step, utilizing an abrasive polishing compound and machine polisher to remove surface imperfections through abrasion. The permanent removal of shallow scratches, oxidation, and swirls is accomplished by this step. Waxing a plane may temporarily cover up these defects, but results are lackluster, and lack durability.

This Piper Malibu is a very special plane for Aviana, as it is the first aircraft to get coated in Opti Coat Pro Plus, a 2 step ceramic compound!  OCP+ will help shine the paint, while protecting it from chemical and UV oxidation. A coated plane will be much easier to wash, in less time, with less water and effort.


Look at some of these before/afters, showing the difference a true paint correction makes. Malibudsc_6665 Malibudsc_6670  Malibudsc_6685 Malibudsc_6687

Removing a minute amount of old paint, exposing fresh and shiny paint. Malibudsc_6689 Malibudsc_6695 Malibudsc_6704

Big difference after removing exhaust residue. This type of accumulation is exactly what we hope to avoid with Opti Coat Pro.


Restoring the finish on these taxi light covers not only helps appearance, but improves light output as well.Malibudsc_6710 Malibudsc_6711

A sweaty arm left an oxidation print on the aluminum spinner.Malibudsc_6716 Malibudsc_6718  Malibudsc_6721 Malibudsc_6722

A gently metal polishing took care of the oxidation on the aluminum, while providing a durable sealant.


Speaking of sealants, here is the main course: Opti Coat Pro Plus. This is the first aircraft to get the new Opti Coat Pro Plus treatment, from Optimum Polymer Technologies.Malibudsc_6733

Opti Coat Pro is a durable ceramic (C-Si) coating, applied as a liquid and cures into a tough as nails coating. Opti Coat Pro Plus, with proper care, will not only hold up to harsh chemicals such as degreasers and fuel, but does not need to be reapplied on an annual bases, like many so called “coatings” available on the market. Opti Coat Pro Plus, adds a second coating, which bonds to the Opti Coat Pro, and further enhances gloss and repellency. We look forward to see the difference oil and soot accumulating, and taped off a few test areas that did not receive the coating for testing purposes.


The results were stunning. After more than 30 hours of work, this aged Piper Malibu was outshining its brand new counterparts in the hangar! Right off the bat, this plane went on to fly 10 hours to and from Idaho, giving the coating its first test. Stay tuned for a 1 month follow up wash.