Endeavor Awards 2019 Ticket Giveaway!

The ability to travel easily across the country is something that most of us take for granted. But for those whose lives are in turmoil, the financial, physical, and emotional burdens can make ordinary trips extraordinarily difficult. That’s when they turn to Angel Flight West. Our network of 1,400+ volunteer pilots fly their own planes and pay for all costs out of their own pockets, in order to make these critical journeys.

At our headquarters in Santa Monica, California, our ground team manages the complex system of matching pilots with passengers, coordinating the flights, spreading the word among referral agencies, and continually recruiting new volunteers.

What we do is much like running a small airline, further complicated by the extra care and expense of working with passengers who need our help, their families, as well as medical and hospital personnel.

The beneficiaries of the flight – the passengers and their families, the healthcare organizations – pay nothing at all, ever.

Aviana is sponsoring the 2019 Angel Flight West Endeavor Awards!

…and giving away tickets to the event!

The Endeavor Awards celebrate and honor volunteer pilots and provide support to the organizations that coordinate their gifts of flight to serve those in need. Every year thousands of donated flights save lives, provide access to medical care, transport Veterans, rescue animals, map environmental data, aid in disaster relief and contribute to the public good in communities nationwide.

The Endeavor Awards are organized by Angel Flight West, and in support of their mission, Aviana is donating a $3000 gift-card to their fundraising silent auction.

May 17th, 2019

Venue: California Science Center, Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion,
700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90037
Attire: Black Tie Optional
Transportation: Complimentary valet parking at the Science Center
Start Time: 6:30pm


Tickets to the actual event are limited and $1000 each. But.. we’re giving away 2 tickets to the event on May 17th in Los Angeles.

How to win tickets

My personal experience with charitable aviation came back in 2010, right after the massive earthquake that hit Haiti.

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A local company, Crescent Electric, donated the use of their King Air to collect members of a medical team that I was part of, and drop us off in Fort Lauderdale for our flight to Haiti. What started off as a logistical challenge, getting staff and equipment from all over the midwest to FLL at the same time with all our gear, became a breeze thanks to Crescent Electric’s aircraft donation. We all arrived in FLL rested, and prepared for our 10 day assignment in Haiti. The organization that ran these medical trips, evolved into the Community Health Initiative, Haiti (Projè Sante Kominotè, Ayiti).


Community Health Initiative, CHI, has continued to make a profound impact in Haiti by identifying root causes of illness, such as sanitation and clean water, and intervening at the source by providing toilets, clean wells, and water purification.

CHI keeps track of their interventions, gathering data to assess efficacy. From their website:

Helping Babies Breathe is a neonatal resuscitation curriculum adapted from an American Academy of Pediatrics program. Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) provide 3 trainings and a birthing kit to the mother or birthing attendant. They follow-up after the birth to check on mom and baby. Preliminary results show our CHWs are making a great impact in the deliveries and health of babies.

Through 214 births, our CHWs have shown a 71% reduction in neonatal mortality when a birthing attendant was HBB trained and present with a birthing kit. Babies were also 16% more likely to be healthy. Most importantly, 88% of our mothers were happy with the program.

Our CHWs have shown HBB is effective in rural settings regardless of literacy levels and without a bag-valve-mask resuscitation. Ultimately, our CHWs empower moms to direct their own care and improve health outcomes for mom and baby.

Their data driven approach, along with their persistence in addressing root causes, rather than treating symptoms, is why we want to support their programs as well.

How to win!

Make a $50 donation or more to CHI – and importantly add “Aviana” in the comments sections – you will be eligible to win the two tickets! ” We will pick a winner May 7th.


Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.10.51 AM

As a result of your donation using “Aviana” in the comment section, your contact information will be shared with Aviana. Information will be used to contact prize winners only.

Prize winners will be contacted May 7th and will be asked to prove the ability to attend the event. If you can’t make it, we will choose a new winner (as we really don’t want the tickets to go to waste!)

$3000 gift card!

Aviana is also donating a $3000 gift card to the silent auction. We will post details to the online auction once that becomes available.

You can learn more about that here:



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