Piper Meridian Ceramic coating

2005 Piper PA46-500TP Meridian – Paint Restoration and Ceramic Coating

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2005 Piper Meridian Turboprop

We see a lot of Piper PA-46 airframes. We especially like taking care of the turboprops because we can restore the oxidation caused by the corrosive exhaust plume, then give it durable ceramic protection to make cleanup a breeze, while protecting the paint.

We can see how the paint has become dull and stained over time. As the paint oxidizes the texture becomes more porous, thus trapping more exhaust, making it harder and harder to clean over time as the paint continues to deteriorate. Even when shining a bright LED light at the paint, the reflection is minimal due to oxidation.

Piper Meridian Oxidized Paint

Our paint restoration process removes the damaged and stained paint, revealing a fresh layer of glossy paint underneath. Just look at the before and after and how much more reflective the paint has become!

Piper Meridian Paint Restored

Here is a brief video that shows the process in action. This is before any coating still – just paint restoration at this point.

Look at the difference in color. The white tops of the wings and horizontal stabilizer are actually white by the time we are done with them. The ceramic coating then seals the paint keep dirt and soot from embedding itself in the paint.

Stained Elevator Piper Meridian


After coating: check out that coated slickness.

Ceramic Coating Results

DSC_3211 DSC_3212 DSC_3216 DSC_3217