Piper Meridian Interior Leather Cleaning – Paint Correction – Opti Coat Pro Plus

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This gorgeous Piper Meridian was booked for an exterior paint correction and coating as well as an interior leather cleaning and coating.


Leather gradually becomes stained from the oils in our skin and the dyes in our clothing. as this occurs over time, it is hard to notice the grime build up until you deep clean and restore the leather to its factory color!

dsc_8224 dsc_8223

The seats were treated with Optimum Leather Guard: A tough stain resisting coating that prevents any sort of stain from permanently embedding. On treated leather, grime wipes off easily with a damp towel.


On to the exterior, the turbine emissions had stained the wings and fuselage and oxidized the paint, leaving a chalky and dull finish.


After removing the oily residue we went to town restoring the paint.


Notice the staining removed from the lower third of this flap.


Much like the leather, you truly see the extend of the oxidation only after you tape off an area and compare it to new! Most of this plane had the chalky appearance you see on the bottom right half. By removing the oxidized paint layer we level the paint to make stains less likely to embed. Leveling the paint also restores gloss.


Careful polishing with custom polishing pads ensures that even the space between the vortex generators achieved a deep gloss.


Ab workout!

dsc_8131 dsc_8133

Just look at the difference in lens clarity on these LED landing light lenses. This should help greatly with light output.


The vibrant blue and red aircraft paint scheme had succumbed to holograms and various washing marks, leaving it dull and lackluster. Polishing removed those scratches and glossified the paint bringing out the metallic flake sparkle.

dsc_8108 dsc_8114

Close up:


Following paint correction the entire plane was wiped down with a special paint prep solution to remove any polish and paint residue in preparation of coating. The airplane was coated with a 2 step ceramic coating which seals the porous paint against staining and protects it against oxidation. Once coated, the aircraft will stay cleaner, longer; but also is much easier to clean without having to resort to harsh degreasers.


dsc_8173 dsc_8171  dsc_8155  dsc_8165 dsc_8166 dsc_8167

Fun fact: The weather outside of this hanger when this picture was taken was about -10F!!